Lee Eden | Owner Cobblestone Consignment

I am very proud to own a business in a city that is not only stunningly beautiful but is also in the top ten most eco-friendly cities in the world. 

Through Cobblestone there is an opportunity to find items of high quality and the opportunity to contribute to re-using.

I have a background that supports my ability to pick quality articles for the store that are desirable to any shopper’s needs and wants. 

Throughout my childhood I enjoyed many creative genres such as: sewing, knitting, needlepoint, painting, writing, and piano. As I grew older I sewed my own clothes in high school, sewed quilts, and then when I became a mother I sewed clothes for my young children. I know fabrics and I know quality craftsmanship.

I have raised three beautiful children and understand what it’s like to constantly need new clothes as they just keep growing! I hope one day we can all understand that quality is better than quantity and that sewing a button, for example, onto a good quality item is a better way to keep our planet healthy than supporting disposable fashion.

Lee Eden | Owner Cobblestone Consignment

Providing good quality consignment at a fraction of the original price is something that I find very gratifying.

My children make me proud every day. They are going to leave a positive impact as part of the next generation that cares about the future; the future of mankind, how we treat one another and how we treat our planet.

Owner Cobblestone Children's Consignment